Author: Public Relation

Is It Self-Care or Just Luxury? Understanding the Balance in Skincare

In recent years, the booming interest in self-care has spotlighted skincare and makeup, transforming these daily rituals into a sacred practice. While caring for one’s skin is undeniably an act of self-love and wellness, the question arises—where do we draw the line between genuine self-care and sheer luxury? As an organic skincare brand committed to […]

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A Black Girl’s Guide To Glass Skin with Radiant Glow Botanical

This beauty trend has captured the spotlight for its promise of poreless, dewy perfect skin aka ‘glass skin.’ Originally popularised by the Korean beauty industry, glass skin is characterised by a smooth, intensely hydrated complexion that appears almost translucent—like glass.  But what about glass skin for dark skin? Can it be achieved, and if so, […]

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