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This gentle, pH-balanced facial wash is formulated to deeply cleanse the skin, removing make-up and pollution without irritating or stripping the skin of its natural protection. A powerful yet mild sulphate-free natural cleanser draws toxins from the skin and calms inflammation, leaving your face feeling soft, supple and hydrated as well as clean and fresh.

**Manuka honey, rich in potent anti-inflamatory soothes while enhancing the antibacterial properties.

**A refreshing combination of antiseptic essential oils – tea tree, lavender, grapefruit and peppermint – helps to cleanse and tone the skin.

**Enzymes from a blend of organic fruit extracts lift away dead skin cells, clear pores and eliminate excess oil.



Our mild, alcohol-free Botanical Facial Toner is formulated to remove all traces of impurities and make-up that may remain after cleansing, while tightening pores and helping to moisturise and refresh the skin.

This gentle, 100% natural toner combines a mild exfoliating action with the moisturising qualities of palm kernel and coconut oils, leaving your skin soft and your complexion clean, bright and clear.

**The amazing properties of witch hazel (astringent), soothing, moisturising and antibacterial – make this toner ideal for acne-prone skin.

**Powerful natural antioxidants, including vitamin C, help to reduce the appearance of blemishes and normalise the skin’s barrier layer.

**Organic aloe vera delivers essential minerals, proteins and amino acids to moisturise, soothe and repair damaged skin.



Our Botanical Facial Milk is packed with natural ingredients that work together to soften and soothe the skin without clogging pores.

This light, non-greasy moisturiser helps to restore smoothness, suppleness and elasticity. It also forms a subtle film over your skin, which helps to protect it from environmental pollution and the drying effects of the weather, including the sun. This creates a year-round summery glow as well as helping make-up stay in place.

It’s ideal applied before make-up, however you can also use the facial milk as a make-up remover.

**Essential vitamin B complex counteracts itchy, flaky and rough skin and helps to balance oil secretions.

**Organic shea butter moisturises while helping to prevent breakouts.

**Chamomile extract soothes sensitive skin.

Botanical UV filters help to protect skin from the sun.



The Botanical Facial Scrub contains a blend of exfoliating and astringent natural ingredients that work together to reveal softer, brighter, flawless-looking skin. 99.9% of the plant-based ingredients are certified organic.

The scrub works like microdermabrasion, gently sloughing away dead skin cells, removing impurities and unclogging pores. This helps to keep spots and blackheads at bay, leaving a smooth, glowing, youthful complexion.

**Walnut shell powder and sugar maple extract gently polish away flaky dead skin.

**Natural clay and vitamins B and C help to rejuvenate, refine and smooth the complexion.

**Peppermint, tea tree, lemon and lime refresh the skin, reducing excess oil and minimising pores.

**Natural fruit enzymes penetrate pores to clear away impurities without causing irritation.



Our Advanced Acne Serum is powerful against the causes and effects of acne yet gentle on the skin. Supercharged with a blend of organic plant ingredients, it helps to clarify and calm acne-prone skin, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated.

The highly concentrated formula helps to fight acne-causing bacteria, accelerate the healing process and diminish discolouration, promoting a more even skin tone. It also encourages a healthy oil balance and minimises pores, leaving smoother, more radiant skin.

**Antioxidant plant and fruit extracts work to counteract the bacteria and free radicals that cause acne and blackheads.

**The light serum easily penetrates the skin, delivering the active ingredients to work deep down.

**The dropper allows you to apply a controlled dose of the product directly to the most affected areas.

**Suitable for both adults and teenagers.



This light, oil-free brightener is scientifically formulated for maximum absorption to fight spots and uneven skin tone. Carefully selected natural ingredients are released slowly into the skin, helping to repair and regenerate damaged tissue and targeting discolouration, including hyper-pigmentation. The plant ingredients work together to clear blemish-prone skin and prevent future breakouts and moisturise while minimising shine, leaving a smooth, glowing complexion.

The brightener also provides a barrier layer, which helps to protect your skin from environmental damage, including from the sun’s radiation.

**Organic certified anti-inflammatory agents, absorbed deep into the skin, help to repair damage caused by free radicals.

**A natural ingredient, clinically proven to improve skin microcirculation, helps to accelerate the natural healing process.

**Clinically proven plant extracts clarify the skin, shrinking pores and helping to reduce discolouration by up to 95% within 14 days

**Ideal for skin prone to acne, rosacea or psoriasis.



This soap-free cleansing bar for the face and body is enriched with goat’s milk, which helps to nourish the skin while lifting away make-up and impurities. A special blend of organic botanicals creates a rich, creamy lather that helps to replace lost moisture as it cleanses and promotes smoother, brighter skin.

The gentle formulation cleanses without causing dryness or irritation, making it an ideal way to prepare the skin before using other products in our Brightening range.

**Exfoliating particles of wheat bran polish away dead skin and unclog blocked pores, helping to prevent breakouts while protecting delicate skin.

**Tea tree and peppermint oils, known for their uplifting and antibacterial properties, help to calm the skin, while creating a refreshing experience.

**Powerful herbal ingredients, including with willow bark extract, help to brighten the skin, clear blemishes and fade dark spots, promoting an even skin tone.

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