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100% pure, natural, exfoliating cleansing bar, with ground almond shell, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells whilst rich whole goat milk nourishes and gently moisturizes the outer layer of the skin. It deeply cleanses the skin removing all surface and ingrained dirt out of the skin, leaving an astonishing clean toned fresh finish to the skin.

Also contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid for smooth and clear complexion. Cleanse surface dirt and impurities from make-up with radiant finish.

You can see and feel the difference immediately. Once applied to the face and all over body you cannot fail to notice the real improvement to the skin. The feeling of being thoroughly cleansed and toned will forever compensate the dangers of bleaching with banned chemicals.

How to Use

Use warm water to create a rich lather and gently massage the skin while cleansing thoroughly.

Use twice daily for best results


Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kernel, Aqua (Water), Goats Milk, Mango, Ground Shell (Ground Almond Shell) Glycerine, Parfum, Sodium Chloride (sea salt), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Apricot), EDTA, EHDP

Reviews (14)


  1. Cynthia

    Your products are realky amazing, my favourite is this exfoliating bar 💙💙💙 #RGBreview #RGBREVIEWS

  2. Cynthia

    Your products are amazing 💙💙💙💙

  3. Princess Nelly

    My best bar soap ever. This product is Perfect for all skin types.

  4. Eva Eke

    I love your product and it works

  5. Ayaba Tracey Adebola-Lawrence

    I love you products, especially the bar.

  6. Awawu Aminu

    I was given the sample of the Botanical Bar and it was very beautiful. I have now bought some for my use. Loving it.

  7. Cephas

    Hello, your products are wonderful.

  8. Faith

    Hi, i live in nigeria and absolutely looooovvveee your exfoliating bar cant wait to try the brightening bar.
    This your soap ehn?………………………… fact all i can simply say is thank you and big hug to the people that formulated the soap

  9. B. Forbes

    Your products are amazing and I haven’t been using them no longer than a month and I am seeing massive results on my face. My mother was the one who introduced me to your brand and I’ve loved using my radiant glow botanical exfoliating bar and cream on my skin everyday.

  10. Zaynab G

    Hi I live in nigeria and have been using the radiant glow botanical soap since 2007.
    Its either you guys are Witches and Wizards or an Angel just simply handed the formula to you.
    The bar is simply just too good. It evens out the complexion and gives it a glow.
    Your soap is constantly scarce please do something about it,fast

  11. Iris Bankole – Ladipo

    Hi, I live in Nigeria and purchased your Botanical brightening lotion and facial scrub, as I am pregnant and was in search of a natural product which could even out my skin tone.

    Your products are wonderful and I got so many compliments and my skin has never been radiant until I experienced your magic ingredients.

  12. Zaynab .M.

    My name is Zaynab and I have been using your Exfoliating Bar for just 3months and the change on my skin is absolutely unbelievable,thank you. The problem is that I would love to switch over to all your products, but can you guarantee availability in Nigeria.

  13. Miss. Lecky D

    I have only been using RADIANT GLOW BOTANICAL EXFOLIATING BAR for a few weeks and I am amazed to see the improvements in my face in such a short time.

  14. Michelle H.

    I’ve tried everything – now I’ve finally found something that really works!

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